Writings and Stuff

Here are links to some short stories, essays, profiles, and reviews (both by me and about my work)

Short Stories:

The End of Larry’s Wallet

Silver and Blue

The Saddest Writer in America


Right About Now: The Unique Power of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood

Breaking Bad and the Precarious Pleasures of Good TV

The Ironic Majesty of Bossa Nova Or How Ike Quebec Helped Me Write a Novel for Children

Jeffrey Eugenides’ Killer Advice

The Fear of Getting it Wrong, The Sound of Getting it Right

The Place and Problem of the Witness in ‘Waltz With Bashir‘”

The Paragraph that Changed My Life: On Yaakov Shabtai’s Past Continuous

On the Occasion of Uri Grossman’s Death

Reviews and Profiles:

Personal Complexity Amid Global Anxiety,” Richard Eder’s review of my short story collection in the New York Times

Anomie of the People,” Profile of me and my novel Captives in Time Out New York

Todd Hasak-Lowy Writes For Kids and Hits the Mark,” Profile of me and my novel 33 Minutes in the Chicago Tribune

How an Acclaimed U.S. Author Became a Pitch-Perfect Hebrew Translator,” Profile of me in Ha-aretz

A Tragedy of the Most Ironic Sort,” my review of Ari Shavit’s My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel

S. Yizhar’s Khirbet Khizah” my review of Yizhar’s important 1949 novella





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